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 Experience seasonal freshness captured in a bottle with our unique artisan jarred goods 


Taste the Season...

Why choose just one when you can have them all


Some of our most popular Hot Sauces:

Wait For It, Hot Sauce - Organic Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Organic Smoked Paprika & Mango Hot Sauce 

Organic Singapore Hot Sauce

Organic Spicy Curry Sauce 

Organic Jamaican Jerk Hot Sauce

It's Back!!! Organic Bruschetta while it lasts!!!


Organic Ingredients: Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Basil, Lemon Juice, Red Wine Vinegar, Himalayan Sea Salt and Crack Black Pepper.                                                

Organic Spicy, Sweet & Savory seasonal jarred goods.


Made with our homegrown certified organic hot habanero peppers. This hot sauce combines peppers, ginger, garlic and raisins for a truly unique hot sauce experience.

"We’re pushing the local, organic food movement by growing, sourcing and preserving the fruit of our seasonal, local  labor. We strive to promote health through chemical free food that nourish the body, soul and environment".

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Hazel And Ash Organics, LLC: 14 Spaulding Ave, Coatesville, PA, 19320

Call: (717) 521-9593

Email: hazelandashorganics@gmail.com