About US


"We’re pushing the local, organic food movement by growing, sourcing and preserving the fruit of our seasonal, local labor. We strive to promote health through chemical-free food that nourishes the body, soul and environment".


The Name  


Hazel & Ash, came from Celtic Tree Astrology: a theory that the time and season of our birth molds our personality. Druidism is a religion that believes trees provide a sacred place for spirits. The druids were connected to the earth's cycles and believed that trees were infinite vessels of wisdom. The tree that is associated with your month and time of birth is your Celtic Tree sign. Hence, Hazel & Ash.


About Us

Hazel and Ash Organics specializes in selling organic, preserves made with seasonal local produce, artisan gifts, specialty foods, jarred items. We strive to promote health through plants and food that nourish the body, soul and environment.  


  • 1975 - The birth of Brian

  • 1980 - The birth of Andrea

  • 1985 - Andrea's mother punishes Andrea for having “a smart mouth" by putting hot sauce put on her tongue... more than once... (We'll get back to this).

  • 2000 - bb (before Brian) Andrea grows a few plants, notices some pest issues, has no money and resorts to home remedies. The world of growing ORGANICALLY vs harsh conventional methods is revealed.  

    • Research & practice become inspiration & drive to preserve the environment.

  • 2000 - ba (before Andrea) Brian, already an environmentalist, is somewhere in the world growing plants already inspired by organic methods.

  • 2007 - A cupid pulls Andrea & Brian together and they exponentially expand Brian's existing gardens. Andrea cans 4 jars of tomatoes! Hazel & Ash is conceived.   

  • 2008-2011 - Brian & Andrea get hitched. Organic Gardens expand, Exotic Heirloom Vegetables are introduced, including really hot peppers. Canned Tomatoes turn into gourmet Salsa, Caponata, Tapenade, Relishes and really HOT SAUCES (This is where I blame my mother for the hot sauce punishment that has now become an obsession - I'm a hot pepper freak)!

    • A desire to be self-sufficient becomes a passion to provide others with healthy, local organic produce and preserves. 

  • 2015 - Hazel and Ash Organics, LLC is born

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Hazel And Ash Organics, LLC: 14 Spaulding Ave, Coatesville, PA, 19320

Call: (717) 521-9593

Email: hazelandashorganics@gmail.com