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                Hazel and Ash Organics

   Our Environmental Responsibility Efforts

Hazel and Ash Organics recognizes the need act responsible when working with our environment. And since we're always working with our environment; here's what we do to make the world a better place. 

The Products:

* We grow 80% of our own vegetables to make your products in our certified organic garden.

* The other 20% is locally sourced from local farmers.


The Garden:

* We compost all the vegetable waste from making our products - That's all the fertilizer needed.

* Every fall that compost is tilled back into our vegetable gardens.

* We use rain collected from rain barrels to water the gardens.

* Weeds are pulled by hand or smothered with saved cardboard from all those Amazon boxes.

* We rely on the good bugs to handle the bad bugs - no pesticides used here.

* We rotate crops to reduce diseases and practice companion planting.


The Facility:

* All cleaning products are non toxic and OMRI approved.

* Floors are cleaned with boiling water left over from processing our jarred goods. 

* We don't believe in, have, or use microwaves.

* We go beyond recycling -  In addition to the typical glass & plastic that's recycled we attempt to reuse as much as possible.

* Vinegar jugs are cut in half to act as mini greenhouses for tender crops in the spring. 

* We save packaging material too! All plastic bubble wrap and air pouches received from in coming orders 

 is reused to package our outgoing orders.

* We gather the "non recyclable" plastic that everything seems to come in and drop it off at Wegmans to recycle into plastic park benches.   

In Sum, We do everything we can to responsibly nurture the environment that's responsible for nurturing us.

Hazel and Ash Organics, LLC has all the best Organic: Hot Sauce, Salsa, Bruschetta, Relish, Caponata, and Chutney products!