It time Plant Okra!

Okra seeds can be planted directly into soil or soaked over night in water or a moist paper towel. Wait one week after last frost to plant. Plant in full sun and well drained soil. Plant 24 inches apart because they grow up to 8 ft tall.

Taste: Okra has a taste similar to green beans or eggplant. I believe the texture is more complex.. Less cook time creates a cruncher bite, while slow cooking adds a easier and complex taste.

Okra uses:

  • Raw from leaf to pods. Great in salads..

  • Easy to Freeze and use through all recipes.

  • Roasted with Tomatoes

  • Grilled with garlic and onions

  • Breaded and baked

  • Deep-fried – ohhhh yeah

  • Sautéed with cashews

  • My favorite is okra mixed with Hazel & Ash Organics Smoked Paprika Mango Hot Sauce, Jambalaya, shrimp and vegetarian sausage.

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