Simple recipe: Soft boiled egg for breakfast

Much like all of you we are stuck home during Covid19. Today we are going to make a simple breakfast that you can serve your family and look like a superstar.

Step 1. Get out of bed. Sometimes this is the hardest part of this recipe. Make sure to let everyone know about the struggle.

Step 2. Boil water. Enough to cover eggs. Once boiling reduce to simmer.

Step 3. Insert eggs into boiling water. Careful not to burn yourself when inserting the eggs.

Step 4. Cook to desired temp:

  • 5 mins for runny yolk

  • 7 mins for firm set

Step 5. Toast and then butter bread. I tried the reverse to save time but this didn't work out.

Step 6. Serve with Smoked Paprika & Mango Hot Sauce

Optional. Add coffee or tea to really start the day off!

Enjoy! Taste the season.

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